10 Tips to Create Hot Social Media Content for Mortgage Lenders

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Social media content marketing helps provide a powerful opportunity to connect with potential and existing mortgage clients. When developing your social media content strategy, figuring out what to post all the time can present a significant challenge. However, these 10 ideas will help you fill your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages with quality content and build your brand online.

1 – Go Local With Your Social Media Content

Location, location, location is the oft-repeated refrain of real estate market everywhere. People buy into communities and not just onto a single property. Whatever region you operate in, find unique and interesting pieces of information and recommendations about the local area. You could post content about:

  • Schools
  • Local businesses
  • Local specific industry updates
  • Community events
  • Local charities
  • Local networking events you attend

2 – Express Your Personality

People buy from those they trust and your brand is an extension of that trust. Clients will look for a good priced mortgage, but if they do not feel comfortable with you, they will move on. Do not be shy about putting some personality in your social media posts. You can also inject a bit of clean humor. Share your favorite restaurants in the area. Let people know you are there for them in more ways than just selling them.

3 – Focus on Education and Value

Your job is not just to get loans done. Your role as a mortgage originator is to educate consumers on the loan process. Use social media to post back to important blog posts on your website or other information about everything from lawn care to mortgages. The more people trust you as a source of quality information, the more comfortable they will feeling hiring you as a lender.

4 – Multi-Media Content Works Best

Video catches more attention on social media than every other type of content out there. A full 85% of internet users watch video daily, and it is just as important when shopping for real estate and mortgages. Video, professional photos, and virtual tours help you and your real estate partners create social media content about the thing your clients care about most… their dream home.

5 – Appreciate and Celebrate Clients

It never hurts to thank your clients for choosing you as their mortgage lender. They have hundreds of choices when it comes to a mortgage lender, but they chose you. Celebrate this and thank them publicly. This can combine with #8 listed below, or simply extend well wishes on everyone out there trying to buy or sell their home.

6 – Share Reviews

If a home buyer or seller has a great experience, ask them to share it with you. You can take testimonials in either a written or video format and post it online.  These give your online brand a boost and help people develop trust for you before they even work with you.

You can post these on all of your social media websites and parts of your advertising where people drop off such as:

7 – Get Involved With the Community

Getting clients is about building your brand into something they appreciate and trust. When you get involved with the community, you show that type of respect and care right back to them. Also, you can inspire others to volunteer or take care of the world they live in.

8 – Shine a Spotlight on the People

With permissions, congratulate a family on moving to a new home, celebrate their anniversary of moving, or wish them well as they relocate. This adds a personal touch to the business. Never post client pictures or words without getting their okay first.

9 – Consider Holidays and Special Events

Make special posts for holidays everyone can enjoy like the Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, and Halloween. Think about adding in some fun, unusual ones to boost your social media content, too. April 5th is National Dandelion Day. Remind homebuyers about weeding their lawns. On World Hello Day on November 21st, say a greeting to all the new neighbors.

10 – Interesting Facts and Stats About the Market

People who either want to sell their property or buy a new one frequently want to know data about the market in general, what other houses are selling for, and related topics. Many curious followers like to look at the most expensive luxury homes or learn about new communities.

Social media content can cover a diverse range of subjects when it comes to effective mortgage marketing. The most important rules are to keep it relevant, interesting, and targeted at all times. If you are interested in learning how Cathersides Social can help you generate interesting and effective social media content, click here to get started.

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