What Mortgage CRM Softwares Exist and How Can They Grow Your Business?

What Mortgage CRM Softwares Exist and How Can They Grow Your Business?Meta descriptionAre you trying to learn more about the mortgage CRM softwares that exist for lenders? If so, you should click here to learn how they can grow your business.Keywords to optimize the article formortgage crmArticle

Loan officer using his mortgage crm after speaking with clients

As a mortgage lender, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to organize and maintain an ever-growing client list. 

While traditional methods revolved around manual processes, modern technology has made it easier than ever before to take proactive control of your burgeoning audience of borrowers.

The key to simplifying your processes, improving your customer service, and building your brand reputation lies in optimizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Yet, it only takes one internet search to reveal that there are plenty of options on the market.

How can you know which mortgage CRM solution is the best fit for your business? That’s why we’re here.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at a few of the top leaders in this space, revealing the key features of each platform so you can make a more informed decision. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

CRM and the Mortgage Industry

For years, CRM software has helped business leaders around the world, in various industries, track key details about their clients. However, the customer issues and pain-points that mortgage lenders contend with are industry-specific, requiring a more custom touch than most general CRM solutions provide.

As such, any research on the best mortgage CRM platform should focus specifically on solutions that cater to these industry issues in particular. This is because there are many software features that you will need that someone else in a different niche will not, such as:

  • Loan application management and organization
  • Management tools for referral partners
  • Lender-specific reminders to help you take care of existing and future customers
  • Integrated modules to help you stay compliant with industry rulemaking bodies, such as the Federal Housing Administration

Keeping these unique requirements in mind, let’s take a look at six software providers that cater to this space, and what sets each one apart from the rest.

1. Unify

One of the most useful advantages of Unify CRM is its built-in marketing library. Whenever you’re ready to ramp up a new marketing campaign, it can be time-consuming and laborious to reinvent the wheel from scratch. With this full-suite program, you’ll have access to resources and ideas, including direct mail templates, that can help you jumpstart the process. 

Then, when you’re ready to launch a new marketing endeavor, such as an email campaign, you can do so from directly within the program itself, using the customer data you’ve collected.

Unify CRM also does a great job of helping you keep your client data as organized as possible. Tools such as syncing and cleaning help you ensure against duplicate or inaccurate information, so you can rest assured that you’re using the most up-to-date versions.

From the centralized dashboard, you can track leads, manage relationships, set reminders, send videos and much more. You can also access your Loan Origination System (LOS) in real-time, and thanks to the software’s Mortgage Inquiry Alert, you’ll also receive an instant notification each time one of your contacts applies for a mortgage with one of your competitors. This way, you never miss an opportunity to connect. 

2. SureFire

Are you looking for a mobile CRM solution that works with many of the programs you’ve already installed on your smart device? If so, SureFire more than fits the bill, seamlessly integrating with more than 1,000 mobile apps!

Provided by Top of Mind, the software is recognized as one of the top mortgage CRM solutions in the industry, and for good reason. 

Small broker teams and large credit unions alike can leverage SureFire to reach as many clients as possible, as efficiently as possible. 

For example, with PowerCalls, you can automatically call a long list of people and leave a pre-recorded voicemail, amplifying your outreach efforts. In addition, SureFire includes pre-made e-mail and workflow templates to simplify and quicken your digital marketing campaigns.

You can also link your social media accounts for easy visibility, post scheduling and account management.

As leads come in, you can keep track of them on the software’s central platform. You can also integrate your company’s existing LOS so you’re always connected. However, while all of these features are impressive, what really sets SureFire apart is its dynamic in-process video workflows. Any time a client completes a certain milestone, a special educational video will appear that speaks volumes about your customer service!

3. BnTouch

The name says it all.

With BnTouch, mortgage lenders can automate their marketing campaigns, increase their conversion rates, attract new partners and stay as visible as possible with buyers. 

Designed with specific plans for individual lenders, mortgage teams or even entire enterprises, it’s the one-stop solution you need to amplify your outreach efforts. 

From pre-built marketing content and video marketing tools to separate borrower and partner portals and landing page designers, you’re only a few clicks away from optimizing your online presence with this CRM solution. BnTouch’s lead nurturing services also allow you to personalize your promotional materials to build client relationships and establish your position as a thought leader in the mortgage industry.

In addition, the BnTouch CRM solution features a custom-designed digital 1003 application that’s more user-friendly than most on the market. This is one important way you can improve the home-buying experience and express your commitment to client satisfaction. Users can even access a mobile-friendly version of the application while on-the-go!

4. Total Expert 

Total Expert CRM solutions are revered across more than one industry, including the banking, wealth management, and credit union sectors. 

Thankfully, it also features integrated tools that are ideal for mortgage lenders, allowing you to connect with both prospects and customers to take your business to new heights. On the marketing side, you can leverage Total Expert to organize and manage all outreach activities and deliver data-driven messages to your target audience. 

In addition, the audit-ready solution allows you to maintain strict compliance with industry regulations, keeping track of all of your activities so you always have a record of them. Along the way, you can use Total Expert to optimize and centralize your contact and database management solutions.

5. Velocify

Velocify mortgage CRM software takes a comprehensive approach to mortgage-specific sales and marketing. Using a unique, scientific method to calculate lead conversion, the solution allows lenders to automate their prospecting efforts and assign a custom sales cycle to each applicant.

Standout features include the Velocify Customer Engagement solution, which empowers you to communicate and collaborate with clients and leads in real-time. The software’s LeadManager and Dial-IQ tools are also helpfuli features that can help lenders grow their audience reach and expand their marketing territories. To help organize daily tasks and simple borrower interactions, the LoanEngage tool is ideal.

Many Velocify tools also integrate seamlessly with existing Salesforce CRM solutions as well as Ellie Mae’s cloud-based mortgage finance software. This enables you to expand the return on your investment and access all of your mission-critical applications in one place.

6. Mortgage IQ

If you think you knew the former Mortgage IQ, it’s time to give it a second look. The mortgage CRM software provider re-launced when a new suite of tools and features that make it more user-friendly and robust than before. 

Now, you can organize all efforts across your company’s departments and divisions for a centralized, single view into lending operations. Every time you complete a transaction, the software silos it into an appropriate category for tracking and follow-up, assigning it to categories including borrower activities, loan transactions, referral partner activities, and more.

Managers can also access Mortgage IQ to keep all leads, transactions, and partners as visible as possible. This way, they can identify issues and bottlenecks in real-time and take proactive action. 

In terms of marketing, the software works off “tracks” that it assigns to every entity in your database, from borrowers and transactions to real estate agents and other partners. You can set specific “triggers” to occur at given checkpoints, automatically sending emails, text messages, reports and more. There’s also an integrated Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution to help you nurture your partner channel.

Help Your Mortgage CRM Software Work for You

Once you’ve done your research and found the mortgage CRM solution that best meets your needs, it’s time to optimize your marketing and outreach strategies.

What steps do you currently have in place to increase your visibility, grow your network and improve your lead conversion rate? If your existing strategy isn’t delivering the results you expected, let’s connect.

We’re marketing experts specializing in the mortgage industry. We have the tools, resources, and experience required to help you maximize your CRM investment and take your campaigns to the next level. Book a call today to learn more and let’s take this step together!

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